Uses, Benefits, and Recipes

By Danilo Alfaro

Tomato powder is a product made from ground, dried tomatoes that can be used as a spice, seasoning, and garnish, as well as a base from which to make liquid tomato preparations like tomato paste and tomato sauce.

What Is Tomato Powder?

Tomato powder started out as a convenience product that was essentially an instant tomato sauce or tomato paste. Simply add water and voila! But it’s gaining popularity as a spice or seasoning that can be added to everything from sauces to veggies, rice, meats, and fish.

When used in its powdered form without rehydrating it, tomato powder is a spice. A spice is any dried plant part, other than the leaf, including seeds, stems, bark, roots, and fruits, that is dried and used for flavoring. And since tomatoes are a fruit, the dried fruits of a tomato plant definitely count as a spice.

Tomato powder is made by drying tomatoes and then grinding them into a fine powder. Typically it’s the tomato skins, without the pulpy interior sections with the seeds, that are used for making tomato powder. Think sun-dried tomatoes, only drier, and finely pulverized.
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