In the rainy season the quality of our beloved broccoli suffers. Sprouts are an alternative but I’m hearing from many of you that your broccoli sprouts aren’t faring well, either. I checked into their special needs and found advice to give your seeds a preliminary wash with 1 drop organic soap (like Dr. Bronner’s) and 1/2 tsp AC Vinegar. Swirl the seed in the solution, soak for 10 mins, rinse completely, then sprout as usual. I did this and thought i saw a little mold bloom on the 3rd day, when the jar was starting to fill up, so that day i added 1/2 tsp vinegar to the first rinse, added a second rinse, and the jar completed perfectly.

So what do you get for this extra effort? The glucoraphanin content of the brasiccas promotes cancer cell apoptosis, inhibits angiogenesis, reduces inflammation, lowers susceptibility to cancer-causing substances,, and reduces the invasion and spread of cancerous cells. However, broccoli sprouts provide around 100 times more glucoraphanin. This is an inactive compound that’s converted into the beneficial phytochemical sulforaphane upon cutting or chewing. Sulforaphane may greatly enhance the positive effects of glucoraphanin. Sulforaphane increases detoxifying enzymes in your liver that counteract and help your liver eliminate the potential cancer-causing effects of toxins or chemicals from food and the environment. Raw, easy, and potently powerful live food!