I cannot find the product I am looking for, what can I do?2022-03-28T11:26:29-05:00

If you do not find what you are looking for, please look ate our major supplier website to find it and then let us know if you do and we can potentially order it!

Why can’t I login and place an order online?2022-02-24T14:09:54-05:00

You either do not have a membership yet or we have not had the opportunity to create you an account with the new system.  Please contact us and we will assist accordingly.

Is BOBC non-profit?2022-02-15T10:31:18-05:00
Yes.  We have to pay our bills, but have no investors or shareholders requiring us to provide them with profits.
Will my groceries all be in case lots or 25 and  50# bags?2022-02-15T10:27:24-05:00
Only if that’s the way you want them.  We have a member-owned space we use for a Distribution Center.  The parts of a package not yet claimed, are stored in the Distribution Center for any member.  When that item is gone, the next member to want it will reorder, and the process repeats.
What should I do to become a member?2022-03-28T11:33:18-05:00
You have heard about us, and now you’ve found our website.  It provides email access, location, and hours.  You are welcomed to use any or all of them.  Come for a visit.  Look at our facility, walk through the inventory, see how we function, ask your questions.  When you like what you see, you can become a member and shop in the same visit.
Are there any other benefits?2022-03-28T11:38:31-05:00
  • BOBC is non-profit.  We have to pay our bills but have no investors or shareholders requiring us to provide them with profits.
  • Each new buying club member brings added and appreciated strength to the collective power of all members.
  • BOBC is positioned to provide benefits to Panama.  The group and it’s function is established, growing, and refining itself.  It will eventually be available to provide a job or two, which isn’t earth shattering, but it’ll be jobs in a previously nonexistent business.  People who work here and learn the business, can take it to other towns, create even greater buying power for all of us, and new small Buying Clubs can provide organic foods to other communities.
  • By selling imported products in Panama, we can discover how much of a domestic market there is for that product.  If it’s something that can be grown here, like black pepper, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, acerola, galangal root, peanuts, nutmeg, ginger, and more, then we can provide interested farmers with information.  We could contract, before seeds go in the ground, that we want 400# of what you’re growing and will pay $4/# for it.  That takes all the risk and guesswork out of choosing a crop to plant. It’s a huge advantage for a farmer and saves the world from having to transport those items here.
Why should I buy in bulk?2022-02-15T10:44:40-05:00

It reduces waste, it’s cheaper, you buy exactly what you need and it enables you to shop sustainably.

How/Why do you sell liquids by the pound?2022-03-28T11:31:16-05:00

We sell everything by the pound unless it is a unit unto itself, like a bar of soap, or a prepackaged item like almond milk.  We need to be able to fill each person’s container with, and charge them for, only their desired amount, which we can do by the pound for everything.   The container is weighed in advance, and then the difference with the amount once the content is in is what is charged.

Does BOBC accept credit cards?2022-02-24T14:10:42-05:00
No. You can only place an order online for cash at pickup, or come into the store and pay.
What’s a Buying Club?2022-02-15T10:25:53-05:00

A buying club is a group of people with a common need, which in our case is for reasonably priced organic food.  Those people consolidate their individual needs into one large order, purchase wholesale and in bulk.

What is the preorder schedule for the coconut products made in Boquete?2022-03-18T14:50:48-05:00

Preorder schedule for Coconut Products ONLY (Please contact us if  interested in preordering other coconut products):

Coconut Water – Order by email or online here by Sunday for Monday pick-up, by Wednesday for Thursday pick-up.

Coconut, Fresh Grated, Coconut Cream – Order by noon on Sunday for pickup on Monday.

Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour – Always available.  No need to preorder.

How do I get these goods home if they do not come in single-family sizes?2022-02-15T10:28:00-05:00
If you brought home a bag of sesame seeds, what do you do with the seeds after the bag is open?  You put them in a container and use them until it’s empty.  Put the empty container in the shopping box and take it for refill on your next trip.  Or, keep two jars, refill the empty while using the backup.  This way, whatever you buy will always fit into the jar:)
Can I find nutrition information, preparation or ingredients?2022-02-15T12:50:28-05:00

Yes!  If we have the information provided to us, it will be on the respective tabs on the product page.

Why would I do this?2022-02-15T10:29:44-05:00
It requires a bit of organization, but after that’s been done once it stays easy.  Consolidation will help qualify you to buy wholesale for the best per pound prices; one big bag is far less expensive than making and filling 25 small ones.  We can divide the bag amongst ourselves.  Big packages and big orders are eligible for ocean shipping prices, which also provide savings.
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