La Casa Del Cerdo comes to Boquete on Thursdays to deliver to local restaurants. They have left us introductory sample packages of cerdo liso (boneless pork roast), ribs, pork chops, and unseasoned ground pork. These are sized as meals for 2; 2 medium cut chops, the liso is about a kilo, the ribs look perfect for one hearty dinner, and the ground pork packages average about .75 kilos.
If you are a meat eater, you may already know La Casa Del Cerdo in David. If you do not, you want to! It is immaculately clean and always smells fresh. The owner, Juan Carlos, only buys his animals from farms that grow for him. He inspects them, knows the animals are being grazed, not confined, and monitors what they are fed.
BOBC is offering this as a service to members and La Casa Del Cerdo. Prices charged will be the same as in the David store, plus 50 cents/pkg for handling and use of the freezer. With sufficient interest, we also can have regular deliveries here on Thursdays and save you the time of effort of getting it in David! Our hours are posted on the website,, or in the About on our FB page.
Something about local meat. Any farmer can go into any ‘agricultural’ store, buy any pharmaceutical offered, and inject any amount of it into any animal, for any reason. The animals most often injected are cows, least injected are pigs, and birds are fed antibiotics in their food or water. Here, unlike countries that have concentrated animal feeding operations, pork is generally the most chemical free meat.