Statement from Rhea’s: This is what Rhea called the “natures flu shot”.  The formula helps keep the flu and colds at bay.  If you happen to catch the flu or cold, this formula will help cut the time you are sick by quite a bit.

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Thank you for inquiring about Rhea’s.  We are a small company set on giving the best we can to our customers.  My name is Spring, and my mom (Rhea) started this company over 20 years ago, because of her love for herbs and people.  My husband and I now have taken over the company, and to honor mom, we strive to bring the same quality and love to the product as my mom did.  The following explanation is in my own words, as if you were talking to me on the phone.  If this small explanation doesn’t help you, feel free to contact Azure Standard for our phone number, and we will gladly try to help you in the best way we can.

Rhea’s Herbal Extractions are complete in all the nutritional properties, because the extraction is done in a three-part process. First the herb is put through a cold process where the vitamins and enzymes are retained. Second, it is put through a heat/pressure process wherein the minerals are retained.  Then it is put through a rinse, which pulls the remaining properties from it.  Because of this process Rhea’s extractions are possibly the strongest extractions on the market.

The ratio is 40% herb to 60% menstruum.

*The glycerine used is derived from palm oil.


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