Canning Jars, Quart, Wide Mouth (with lids & bands)


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Azure Canning Company brings a modern standard to the timeless tradition of preserving the harvest. Our distinctive glass jars are exceptional for high pressure canning—they’ve been tested to 10% greater strength than competitors (the 32 oz wide mouth tested equal to competitors).

24 in stock

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We partnered with Superb to fit our jars with the best lids money can buy—made with five levels of corrosion protection and Blu-Seal™ Integrity. Superb’s no-warp lids and bands form the most reliable, longest lasting, airtight seal possible. They’re also beautiful and unique, thanks to our Azure Canning Company logo (Mt. Hood and all!). We’ve been canning a long time, so the jars were thoughtfully designed to feature inward etching (most jars are lettered with outward embossing), ensuring labels stick to the jar (with smooth interior glass, for easy cleaning).

Our high quality jars have been tested in homes and on farms across the country for exceptional performance in high pressure canning, daily kitchen use, and dry-goods storage. We believe every homesteader and gardener needs access to reliable jars to put up their own harvest!

You can depend on Azure Canning Company to store everything in your pantry.

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