Coconut Water


Coco water is a live food with higher levels of iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, and zinc, than oranges.  Coco water has high amounts of B vitamins, approximately 250 mg potassium, and 105 mg of sodium in every 100 ml.  Coco water is the perfect thirst quencher and rehydrator.  Use it to replace drinks with higher sugar content, or fewer nutrients.  Our juice is sold fresh on Monday’s and made in Boquete.  Sold by the pound.  Order by email or online here by Sunday for Monday pick-up, by Wednesday for Thursday pick-up.  

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Oil coconuts are mature.  Their water is not that of the pipa (immature coconuts) but that of adult nuts.  Our coconuts come from an agriculture-free Pacific island, our equipment is stainless steel.

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