The purpose of our group is to collectively acquire organic dry goods at the most reasonable prices possible, and with the smallest carbon footprint.  A lifetime membership in BOBC is only $10.  Membership is necessary to cement our status as a club, distinguishing us from retail stores.

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Panama has an established system of co-ops that we do not fit into, but Buying Clubs are less known and less defined.  Bulk Organics Buying Club is here to make Organic foods as available as possible for any and all who want them.  Health is food based.  There is no point in following a diet to improve health, if you’re eating a poisoned version of a recommended food.  So, in the age old tradition of conscientious consumers, we’ve started a BUYING CLUB!  We help ourselves get what we need and want, we minimize our environmental footprint, what we pay in corporate profits, and we can help our community grow into the future needs of its residents.

All members contribute to the list of what we want made available here.  Some purchase full containers, but most leave part of what they order to share with others.  If we want rye flour, we will get a bag knowing you want only 5# of it, but also that many of us use rye flour sporadically, if not regularly.  The excess is stored in our Distribution Center and used by other members until it is gone and reordered.  Through this process we have acquired an impressive inventory, available for purchase by any member at any time we’re open.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please look at our major supplier website to find it and then let us know if you do and we can potentially order it!

Because we order in the largest reasonable quantities, the part you purchase has to be put into containers you provide.  Bring your empties, fill them here and avoid hauling packaging materials home, only to throw them away when you put your food into the empty container.

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