Oregano, Essential Oil


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Pure, undiluted essential oil of Oregano, Origanum vulgarize.  Organically steam distilled from oregano grown in Hungary. Food-Grade,

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This is a very potent, spicy oregano oil.  Single drop can replace large amounts of dried or fresh oregano in recipes. If taken internally for its antibacterial properties, oregano oil should first be diluted and placed inside a capsule.

Pure undiluted individual essential oils. After years of searching for the best sources, most of our oils are imported in large canisters from a wholesaler with extremely strict organic harvesting and processing standards, ethereal ingredients Private LMT, headquartered in New Delhi, India. This allows us to offer many exotic oils which are hard to find in the US, often at higher quality than what is commonly sold, and for better prices because we are a small family business.


origanum vulgare pure essential oil

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