Pomona’s Universal Pectin


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Pomona’s Universal Pectin makes thick jam and jellies with rich, full flavor undiluted by large amounts of added sugar. Ordinary fruit pectin’s require your jam or jelly to be 55-85% sugar to set firmly.

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vPomona’s Universal is a low methoxyl type pectin derived form citrus peels and pulp. Its jelling power is activated by the calcium naturally present in most fruits, not by sugar content. (Contains a separate portion of monocalcium phosphate for use with fruits especially low in calcium.)

Forget static recipes and their overly sweet results. Now you’re free to make cooked and uncooked jams and jellies the way you like them, sweetened to your taste with honey, sugar, artificial sweetener or unsweetened entirely using just pure fruit or juice.


Concentrated: 1 oz makes approximately 20 cups of jam.

Other uses: Aspics, glazes, milk pudding or as a gelatin substitute.

Keeps indefinitely. Store cool and dry. Excellent directions are provided.


low methyl, citrus pectin, monocalcium phosphate (packed separately, assists gel of low calcium fruits).

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