Semolina (Durum Wheat) Flour, Ultra-Unifine, Organic


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Durum Wheat is what the whole grain is called and when it is turned into flour it is called Semolina Flour.  This special grain is higher in protein than other wheat grains and therefore provides more strength and elasticity to dough made with it.  What dough would need extra strength and elasticity?  Pasta dough!

8 in stock

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You may already be familiar with our Unifine flours and how the process works to “shatter” the grain rather than “grind” it.  A high-speed rotor hits the grain so hard it literally shatters the grain into tiny pieces.  Unlike stone-ground flours where the temperature during grinding can get pretty high, the temperature in our Unifine Mill stays low.  And unlike conventionally flour milling processes that use water, our Unifine Mill doesn’t use anything but the grain itself to make the flour.
But, for our line of Ultra Unifine flours, we take it one step further.  We “sift” the flour to make it “Ultra Unifine”.  This sifting process isn’t just putting the flour through a sifter to remove clumps as you might do in your own kitchen.  This sifting process actually removes the very largest particles from the whole grain Unifine Flour.  What gets removed?  Mostly the sharp-edged bits of bran.  The nutritious germ mostly remains.  (This type of sifted flour is called “high extraction flour” in Europe and is becoming quite popular there among bakers.)
With our Ultra Unifine flours you get a high level of whole grain nutrition as well as easy, professional quality results.
This flour also works wonders in non-rise dough, including pasta!  When you make pasta with whole wheat, the delicate dough can break or crack because those itty-bitty sharp-edged particles can puncture the structure of the pasta dough. Ultra Unifine flour gives the dough the nutrition of whole grain and the smoothness of white flour.
Semolina flour is the classic ingredient for high-grade pasta.  And our Ultra Unifine process (which removes the large bran particles) creates superb pasta that doesn’t easily crumble as whole-wheat pasta can.  Tender yet firm pasta can be made from this flour.  Give it a try for your own pasta-making!  You’ll be amazed.
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • This Unifine flour has had about 12% of the bran and germ removed.
Azure Market products are packaged in a Facility that meets the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) – Safe Quality Food (SQF) standards which includes an approved allergen control program.
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Durum flour is used to make delicious homemade pasta. Durum flour is used in softer noodle products like spaghetti and lasagna so that the pasta becomes softer and more pliable when cooked. Durum flour’s fine grain texture also lends itself well to baking, offering hard wheat textures to breads and doughs.


100% organic spring durum whole wheat flour (CONTAINS WHEAT)

Nutrition Info

Serving Size 1/4 cup (48g)
Calories 160
Amount / Serving

Total Fat 1g
Saturated Fat 0.218g
Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 0mg

Sodium 0mg

Total Carbohydrate 34g
Dietary Fiber 1g
Total Sugars 0g

Includes 0g Added Sugars

Protein 7g

Vitamin D 0mcg

Calcium 16mg

Iron 1.69mg

Potassium 207mg


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