Spelt Flour (Unifine), Organic


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Spelt is recognized for its ease in baking with results that are similar to using whole wheat flour. An intensely wheat flavored flour, low in gluten and suitable for some people who are intolerant to wheat. While they aren’t appropriate for gluten-free diets, they are excellent substitutes for plain wheat flour as they add wonderful flavor and consistency.

48.54 in stock

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This Azure Market Organic flour goes through the Unifine Process. The grain enters a high speed rotor and is instantly shattered into fine flour – even the bran and germ are burst! Air goes through the rotor with the grain and blows the flour out, thus keeping it cool throughout the process, retaining many nutrients. With the Unifine Process the natural oils in the grain are kept intact and do not get hot like in regular grain milling and stoneground milling.

This Spelt flour is a whole wheat flour, the flour is sifted through a large screen, this only removes large bran flakes for a sifted flour it is recommended to repeat this at home.

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