Stain & Odor Eliminator, Fragrance Free


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Stink be gone! Plant enzyme fortified formula that works. Watch the toughest stains and smells vanish before your eyes.

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Ever had a spill or smell ruin your day (or favorite rug)? Stinks and stains happen. Reach for a spray that tackles whatever you throw at it.  Azure Clean’s Stain & Odor Eliminator is a versatile enzyme cleaner that dissolves smells and stains throughout the home.

  • Live enzymes dissolve the toughest stains and smells.
  • Cleans stains and odors from foods, body fluids (blood, vomit, urine, feces), coffee, wine, grease and oil, dirt and more.
  • Powerful enzymatic plant-based formula that removes stains and odors
  • Earth-friendly (free from SLS, SLES, Laureth-7, butyl, brighteners, chlorine or phosphates)
  • No dyes or fragrances
  • No animal testing
  • 32 floz Comes with a sprayer
  • The 5 gallon pail can be used with PS1130 5 gallon spigot or PS085 5 gallon pump.

Cleaning can be enjoyable — especially when you have powerful, effective cleaners at your fingertips. Use throughout the home, removing stains and odors from your kitchen and bathroom. Clean drains and spray on carpets, rugs, upholstery and anywhere there is a odor or stains.

Tested in real homes with real families (and children who can be real mess-makers) we’ve heard back that Azure Clean Stain & Odor Eliminator effectively dissolves stains from a variety of everyday spills like dried coffee and tea, blueberry smudges, red marker off a white chair, body fluids (blood, feces, throw up – it has tackled them all!) and more. From clean garbage cans to stink-free car upholstery that had milk spilled on it (yuck!), we’re thrilled that customers are seeing real results in their homes.

Without the harmful chemicals that are known to harm your health and your home, our plant-based formula is safe to use around the whole family. There are no harsh chemicals known for causing health issues, i.e. SLS, SLES, Laureth-7, Butyl, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia, glycol ether, brighteners, or EDTA. Our allergy-friendly formula is also free from dyes and fragrances.

You might look at the ingredient list and see a lot of unfamiliar names that sound different than other plant-based formulas you’ve tried. We’ve harnessed the best in science in these products with formulas made from plant derivatives that truly work to get the grime and gunk out, without harming your health or the planet.  Scientific names aren’t always easy to read, but they’re accurate for what’s actually in the bottle so you can research them yourself.  We’re confident you’ll agree with the eco-conscious chemists who made the formulations for us… these are highly effective, yet entirely environmentally-friendly, ingredients. It’s unlike anything you’ve used before — eco-friendly products that make a big impact in your home and negligible impact on the planet.

About Azure Clean

Keeping your home clean and your family healthy is a top priority. Azure Clean’s line of environmentally-friendly products for the home has been carefully designed to have a minimal impact on the planet but maximum cleaning power to your daily chores and toughest stains.

Inspired by the majestic mountains and pristine lakes of Oregon, Azure Clean’s cleaning line was developed to be used effectively without harming rivers, streams, fish habitats, and soil. More than 60 sustainable, plant-based ingredients have been used to create products that will tackle the toughest stains and odors and helps clean in and around your home, without the use of harmful chemicals that damage the planet.


Kitchen and Bathroom: Spray onto surfaces or fixtures and wait five or more minutes so the enzymes can dissolve the soils and odors. Scrub or scour if required. Rinse with water or wipe well with damp cloth.

Carpet and Fabric: Spray soiled area then cover with damp cloth to keep area moist, allowing enzymes to “digest” odors and soils. Light Soils: Remove the wet cloth, allow the area to dry, then vacuum up any residue. Heavier Soils: After ten minutes, remove the damp cloth and spray a little fresh water onto the area, then rub and blot with a clean cloth to remove the stain/odor residue. Vacuum up any residue when dry. Repeat as needed for stubborn stains and odors.

Drains: Pour 1 cup (8 fl oz) down drain. Do not run water. Allow to sit overnight or at least one hour before running water.


  • Keep out of reach of children
  • May cause eye or skin irritation. In case of eye contact, flush with water for ten minutes. In case of ingestion drink lots of water.


main ingredient: deionized water, plants: enzyme hybrid, alcohol ethoxylate

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